In the 1980s we founded a dozen churches around New Zealand, and planted a church in Fortaleza, Brazil, which is now a thriving independent work with around a thousand people.

We support churches in Fiji with ministry and practical help. We helped build a chicken farm which is enabling them to become self-supporting and help the villages around them.

All the missions we support are independent in their administration.

About 10 years ago a Philippine group linked up with us and it has grown hugely under Pastor Eugene and his wife, Anne, with close to forty churches in the Christ Life Assemblies, from Baguio to Ozamis.  They were hugely blessed to have a former Auckland couple, Angela Bensemann and her husband Don, as dedicated partners with their church growth and outreach activities.

Senior Pastor Fred Needham and his wife Ivy visit these missions and other emerging nations, on behalf of  Metamorphic International, to teach groups of young pastors. Metamorphic is a church planting and charitable organisation that has planted around 2,500 churches. From these groups, another 7,500 have been planted, mostly in Africa and South-east Asia.

For various events we contribute directly to conferences for young pastors from our Auckland church. At these events they are able to ask questions on any issue and benefit from clear biblical input.